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Insurance Sector

Every business needs great marketing solutions, whether you run an insurance agency or brokerage, we can develop, implement a marketing and communication strategy that makes use of emerging technologies making them accessible to your customers which would increase business opportunities.

In this connected world, insurance products and service need to improve and adapt with the development of new products and services, and its forcing companies to redesign their business model in order to be competitive and ultimately be more successful.

In the insurance sector, every new person you reach counts.

Being intentional about your marketing efforts and expanding your online network can directly help you generate more leads to increase sales.
Customer lives change daily. To be proactive, insurance companies need to see life event triggers that indicate future policy needs, with existing and new customers.
We can develop end-to-end workflows with marketing automations to achieve more effective and sustainable market growth. The below processes can be automated and analyzed in real-time to deliver immediate results for your customers.

  • Online claim reporting
  • Online quote request
  • Automated Premium reminders
  • Targeted email communication

Insurance companies play a crucial role in society, they protect people from risks and help to prevent financial trouble. But the relentless pressure on costs and competitive risks are making the industry look for new business models and digital solutions. With our expertise, your organization can use advanced analytics and predictive models to attract and engage profitable customers.

Our Approach

Better insurance marketing starts with targeting and segmenting. We create individual-level customer profiles by identifying browsing patterns, click throughs and other patterns, this allows us to tie early life event triggers to prospective and existing customers that would be a good fit for your policies.

With this completed we will transform your insurance marketing plan into an engaging digital experience across multiple channels, developing a well formed strategy to seamlessly integrate with your marketing methods and internal workflows, effectively satisfying users expectations, needs and interests resulting in increased customer acquisition.

Rethink Your Competitors. Improve Your Strategy. Capture more revenue.

Can your customers get online quotes
and file claims... in minutes?

Our secure application forms allow your customers to easily apply for insurance, submit claims, get quotes online and more, from anywhere, at anytime.
Automatically deliver submitted applications in the form of completed archivable documents to the appropriate departments, cutting down on in-person processing time and freeing up resources to serve more customers.
Connect with us now to find out how we can help you get started.

Pre-Qualification in SecondsAccept Loans 24/7Complete Document Generation
Accept Loans 24/7

Accept Claims and Application Submissions 24/7

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of a streamlined process that takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete, at any time.

Complete Document Generation

Complete Document Generation

Simplify insurance workflows. Easily generate quotes, claims and policy documents, cut the workload on your underwriters, and reduce administrative costs by using a streamlined solution.

Marketing infrastructure

Selling Insurance to different generations?

We’ll create a customer journey that satisfies each customer by knowing what they want, when they want it, building loyalty to your brand and generating revenue.
Our solutions can integrate with your website, providing 24/7 functionality.

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Make it easy for clients to say Yes!

When thinking about an insurance provider for themselves or their businesses, clients don’t want to be bogged down by paperwork. Instead, provide a digital quote and proposal process to save time, improve customer service, and earn their loyalty.


Can your customers submit claims in minutes?

Are you sending PDF Forms, spreadsheets or non-secure online forms during the application process?
We can unify the application process, ensuring secure data submissions with an integrated end-to-end workflow.

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Building 'Trust' in your brand.
Building 'Trust' in your brand.Building 'Trust' in your brand.

Win over new clients with online quotes and more.

With us, insurance agencies and brokerages can take their marketing to the next level. We create dynamic, results-driven online marketing campaigns that have helped our clients close more sales and generate more leads.