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Financial Sector

Emerging digital technologies have encouraged the development of new products and services, and it’s forcing companies to redesign their business model in order to be competitive and ultimately be more successful.

We can develop a marketing and communication strategy that makes use of these emerging technologies making them accessible to your customers or members and increase business opportunities.

This shift has necessitated a change in marketing and communication strategy, as customers habits have changed, the adoption of online services has increased during the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic and there is an increased expectation for digitalized services in the financial sector to satisfy:

  • Online Loan Application
  • Membership Application
  • General Information updates satisfying KYC and FATCA requirements
  • Account Application

Our Approach

Develop a well formed strategy to seamlessly integrate with your marketing channels and internal workflows, revitalizing traditional methods delivering an innovative end-to-end workflow, effectively satisfying users expectations, needs and interests resulting in increased customer or member acquisition and loan growth, to name a few.

Digital financial workflows that keep your team organized and productive.

Process loans
300x faster.

Are you sending PDF Forms, spreadsheets or non-secure online forms during the application process?
We can unify the application process and take you from thousands of loans a month to thousands a day, ensuring secure collection of financial information with an integrated end-to-end workflow delivering secure, seamless document generation.

Financial Intake and Application Forms
for your members or customers.

Our secure application forms allow your members or customers to easily apply for loans, membership and more from anywhere, at anytime.
Automatically deliver submitted applications in the form of completed archivable documents to the preferred branch and department, cutting down on in-person processing time and freeing up resources to serve more members or customers.
Connect with us now to find out how we can help you get started.

Pre-Qualification in SecondsAccept Loans 24/7Complete Document Generation
Accept Loans 24/7

Accept Loans and Applications 24/7

Your customers or members will appreciate the convenience of a streamlined process that takes no more than a couple of minutes to complete, at any time.

Pre-Qualification in Seconds

Pre-Qualification in Seconds

Within seconds, your customer or member can receive a  pre-qualification SMS and an email outlining their next steps.

Complete Document Generation

Complete Document Generation

From the Bill of Sale for a car loan to a signed data consent document or KYC, PEP and FATCA document, these are all generated with signatures in seconds.

Enhance your member experience.

Member Engagement Management (MEM) helps you do that, by giving you the tools to automate an amazing experience for every member — from start to finish, whether they live in their texts, love Facebook, prefer to email, or visit your website.


Process online membership application in minutes.

Automated end-to-end membership application workflow, satisfying KYC, PEP and FATCA compliance.

Evaluate and develop your marketing content

We can audit your content to ensure you are on-target with your audience. Educational content is the tool through which you can engage your customers or members, ideally creating a two-way dialogue that encourages them to become more deeply invested in both your organization and offerings.