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Brand Interactive Communications - Smart Advertising

Integrated Workflows

Our end-to-end workflows combine secure application forms, online document delivery, smart email marketing, tailored marketing automations which will engage your target audience and track user engagement and build better retention, with technology-enabled and data-driven digital performance marketing solutions that grow your business.

We make customer journeys a delightful, memorable experience.

We can build hybrid integrated workflows integrating online application forms that deliver completed pre-filled, signed documents, automating your manual processes.

Our approach

While each of our solutions are unique and tailored to specific needs, each customer journey we build is crafted with a common purpose in mind, which is to build the best customer journeys to help them engage them to be more digitally active, increasing satisfaction and winning them over at every touch point.

integrated workflows

Stay connected to your customers

Ensure your marketing strategy is multifaceted which includes your website, social media and traditional media channels.

Process online membership application in minutes.
Automated end-to-end membership application workflow, satisfying KYC, PEP and FATCA compliance.

Evaluate and develop your marketing content

We can audit your content to ensure you are on-target with your audience. Educational content is the tool through which you can engage your customers, ideally creating a two-way dialogue that encourages them to become more deeply invested in both your organization.

integrated workflows

Automated SMS marketing

Reach people on the go by delivering alerts, notifications and reminders via personalized SMS messaging as a tool in your marketing funnels.