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Health Care Sector

Does your current marketing workflow give you that peace of mind?

When it comes to handling personal information for HIPAA-compliant intake forms and other customer outreach, security is paramount. When it comes to the design of your marketing materials, creative precision is key to represent your brand in the best light while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. We understand your unique needs and can provide end-to-end support.

Reduce security risks, save time and money with HIPAA-compliant forms.

Sounds a little complicated?
Your patients’ information is incredibly sensitive. And your reputation for protecting that information lies in the hands of every member of your team. The more you let us take care of the administrative burden, the more you can focus on doing the important things.

Our Approach

We chose to do things differently. A marketing agency is only as good as the results they can get and how much those results cost to achieve. We choose to focus on the long term, building and nurturing relationships with the people we work with by focusing first on building them up; their products and services, their clients and customers, their business.

Do you need a way to reach your referral sources, members and other clients electronically without jeopardizing their willingness to share personal data?

Partner with Brand Interactive Communications Inc., we can help you take care of all things marketing related. We can help set you up for success with a full-service package that includes everything from concept through campaign management.


compliant forms?

Collecting healthcare data with confidence. Eliminate paperwork and reduce security risks with HIPPA compliant forms.